Install Debian Lenny

Install Debian Lenny

ISO download

I downloaded a nightly build because the beta 2 wasn’t booting with my computer (very old) : Lenny Netinst

Basic installation

Starting the installer

I pretty much followed all the default stuff of the installation. The only difference is at the end I did not choose the Graphical environment to get a basic system.

The official Debian documentation is here if you need help.

Do not be scared to install Grub in the MBR, the installer perfectly detect any Windows you could have and I can testify it’s still bootable afterwards.

First start

First you got to update the list of the package available :

apt-get update

Then we install the package apt-listbugs which allow to be informed of any bug pending when installing an update (For now Lenny is still in testing) :

apt-get install apt-listbugs

We finish by installing mandatory package (there is no Linux life possible without them) :

apt-get install bzip2 ssh build-essential

Some explanations :

  • bzip2 : compressing tool (it can compress better than gzip, but is slower).
  • ssh : allow you to connect remotely with a crypted connection. With Windows I advise you to get PuTTY.
  • build-essential : install everything needed to compile anything in C/C++ (cpp, gcc, g++).