How to install NoMachine

How to install NoMachine


For once, I prefer installing NoMachine (not GPL) than vncserver or vino to access remotely to my computer with a GUI. I found the installation of vncserver way too complicated with a lot a manual file edit to have an authenticated (and secure) access (with XDMCP(( XDMCP ))). Installing NX is, on the other end, more than easy.

Server install

apt-get install libaudiofile0
  • Installer the 3 packages
dpkg -i nxclient_<Version>_i386.deb 
dpkg -i nxnode_<Version>_i386.deb 
dpkg -i nxserver_<Version>_i386.deb 
  • That’s all (easy, isn’t it !)

Client install

Install NX client

TODO : add links

Start NX Connection Wizard


  • Click Next

Configure the target server


  • Session : Name of your remote connection
  • Host : remote server name (or IP)
  • Choose your connection type to keep good performance

Configure the window manager of the remote server


  • First drop down list : keep Unix
  • Second drop down list : choose Custom (there is no XFCE in the list).
  • You can’t yet select the screen resolution, so click Settings

Configure XFCE


  • In “Run the following command” : type startxfce4.
  • Choose “New virtual desktop”.
  • Click OK

Select your desired resolution


  • Choose the resolution you prefer.
  • Click Next



  • Click Finish

First test


  • type your username and your password (like a simple ssh connection) and that’s it !