How to use Tortoisehg (mercurial GUI) to push on Github
Nov 12, 2011
1 minute read

How to use Tortoisehg (mercurial GUI) to push on Github

Why ?

I like git when working with Linux but in my opinion git is clearly not ready on Windows. As on my job I work with Windows and at home I mainly work with Linux, so overtime I got used to Mercurial.

In addition, It was actually fun to connect both worlds.

Install tortoisehg

Convert your Github private to be usable with pageant

How to convert a private key generated by ssh-keygen

Install hg-git

It’s the plugin that allow to make it work :

hg clone c:\work\hg-git

Enable the hg-git plugin

Edit your Mercurial.ini (in C:\Users``) to add this line

hggit = C:\work\hg-git\hggit


Check that both Pageant and your private key are loaded

Pull & Push

You can now try to pull a Github repository with this URL :


Enjoy !


In case of problem you can read Error on cloning a Github repository with Mercurial to avoid wasting too much time.

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