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I use Linux since 1998, I started, like a lot of people, with Red Hat. In 2002, I installed my first Woody and Debian never deceived me since. I tried, some years ago, Ubuntu but I stay faithful to Debian.

How can I use it

Beside of the classic desktop use, I had many dedicated usage of Debian :

  • Personnal PVR with VDR and a full featured DVB-S card.
  • Divx Box.
  • Web server.
  • ...

Page list

Install and configure Conky

Dell Latitude E6500

Full iptables script

Iptables howto

Debian & IPV6

Install Debian Lenny

Automount with XFCE and Lenny

Installation of Xorg

Compiler MPlayer

How to install NoMachine

Tips & Tricks Debian

Useful applications

Open Source

My small contribution

Calibre OPDS PHP Server's Changelog

Here is COPS : Calibre OPDS (and HTML) PHP Server

Mobile Arctic template for Dokuwiki

More sidebars with Arctic template (dokuwiki)

Dokuwiki and nginx

hgweb(dir) and mod_python

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